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Ishii clinic pioneered the industry by being the first medical clinic in Japan opened a beauty clinic in parallel. This was an unprecedented movement in those days when the medical practice was still considered as a harmful cosmetic factor for your skin.

In 1973 Ishii Clinic opened in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. Ever since, Dr. Ishii has been asking what medicine can do for the pursuit of human beauty.

The clinic gained clout among those who express beauty professionally, such as models and actresses’. Soon the secret was out, and the clinic started to attract over 200 clients a day.

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ABOUTDr. Reijiro Ishii

Doctor of Medical Science, Specialist in dermatology

Doctor of Medical Science, Dr. Reijiro Ishii decided to specialise in cosmetic dermatology when he had one female patient at the Dermatology Department at the Japan Red Cross Central Hospital. Among seeing many patients with heavy conditions such as serious burns, this lady visited with a case of acne. When Dr. Ishii told her after consultation, “Don’t worry, a little acne won’t kill you”, the lady bursted into tears. Dr. Ishii then realized and regretted how he underestimated this case. Any problems can be a matter of life and death for patients.

With this life changing experience which transmitted his mindset, he decided to specialise in cosmetic dermatology, which was the first on its kind in Japan in those days. Based on his continuous clinical research, Dr.Ishii had begun to focus on the power of water and the potency of fermentation. He immediately incorporated them to his practice by integrating those into his skin products. From the very first day he opened the clinic, Dr. Ishii has maintained his policy of keeping his hands on the clinical practice with advisory role to lighten patients’ anxiety. With the aim of treating as many clients as possible, he was always greeted clients one by one with full heart.

Smiling is another factor that Dr. Ishii considered as a primal element in his practice. What he considered the most was to suport and encourage patients in order to become positive and to fully enjoy there lives.

“The best beauty serum is your smile”
by Dr. Ishii


1970 Department of Dermatology, Japan Redcross Central Hospital
1971 Department of Dermatology, The Railways Central Hospital
4.1973 Ishii Clinic opens simultaneously alongside Dr. Ishii Medical Esthetic Salon (The first clinic in Japan to have both a dermatological department and aesthetic salon together)
1972 Kanebo, Ltd. Medical Advisor
1973 Pola, Ltd. Medical Advisor
1975 Max Factor Ltd. Medical Advisor
Held the above advisory roles in succession.
1973~ Principle of the Ishii Clinic
1975~ CEO Ishii Clinic Cosmetic Research, Ltd.
1981~ CEO Dr. Ishii Cosmetics, Ltd.
2012~ FINGGY Ltd.,